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New Meal Planning page!

Over the many years of serving the homeless, we have found that people truly want to help, but they want options.  Our new meal planning calendar gives you options and makes it easy for you to help us feed our guest.

As you can imagine feeding a hotel full of families is a full-time operation so, we have implemented a new calendar page to help you see what days are available for you to prepare a meal. Click on the image to see how easy it is to help.

Thank you!

Capital Campaign

Dear Friends,

Nearly nine years have passed since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the City of New Orleans.  Affordable and suitable housing continues to be an issue for many people in our City.  Families experiencing homelessness is on the rise.  There are limited beds available for families in crisis.  

The important work of Hotel Hope is needed and necessary in our community. With your support, we can renovate the former convent destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and serve families experiencing a housing crisis.  Please consider joining our campaign as we open Hotel Hope and allow families an opportunity to secure permanent housing.

We know that with your support and God’s blessings we can reach out to families in hope of a better tomorrow.

The Hotel


The former convent at Blessed Trinity Parish (formerly St. Mathias), located at 4222 S. Broad Street, will serve as the future home of Hotel Hope.

The convent suffered significant damage during Hurricane Katrina and has been out of commerce since the storm.  We believe that the 6500 square foot convent is a perfect fit for families.

The design of our hotel will provide a private space for families. Even though we will not have private baths in each room, shared self contained bathrooms are located near each room.