Our Approach


Hotel Hope moves families from homelessness to self-sufficiency through a three-stage service model that involves providing crisis intervention services, residential stability and help in achieving economic self-sufficiency.

Stage I: Short-Term Emergency Housing  Crisis InterventionFamilies typically become homeless after experiencing some type/kind of crisis (health, job loss, family conflict). Providing these families with emergency housing is a component of the crisis invention they need at that moment in their lives. While many shelters shut their doors and turn families and individuals away if they arrive outside of pre-defined hours, the crises that lead to homelessness occur at all hours of the day, and as such, Hotel Hope accepts families on a 24-hour basis.  Hotel Hope is a place where the family unit can remain together in a home-like atmosphere, that reinforces the dignity, respect, and love of God.

Stage II: Long-Term — Residential Stability    Hotel Hope works with families to provide supportive housing that will give them the residential stability to recover from the crisis that plunged them into homeless.

Stage III: Permanent Housing     Economic Self-Sufficiency Economic self-sufficiency is the only permanent solution to ending homeless. In addition to providing emergency and permanent supportive housing, Hotel Hope’s long term goal is to insure that the families it serves are able to meet their financial needs and obligations, and that they do not fall into poverty when they cannot work, have adequate savings to cover special circumstances and emergencies, and have sufficient training and employment skills to endure job losses without suffering severe hardship.

Working to END homelessness

Moving families towards economic self-sufficiency requires the ability to provide a range of supportive services, including literacy and job training, healthcare intervention, life skills training, and individual counseling services. Hotel Hope provides case management to families while outsourcing the provision of other supportive services to local agencies that specialize in delivering them. Individual Development Plans—As part of its overall case management responsibilities, Hotel Hope works with parents to create individual development plans (IDP) that serve as their “self-sufficiency roadmap”. Hotel Hope provides case management, and focus on Stages I and II of our service strategy, and partners with social services organizations that have expertise in partnership with social services organizations that have expertise in providing the range of supportive services needed to move our families toward economic self-sufficiency.


The issues facing communities today are dynamic and interrelated, necessitating a coordinated approach on the part of groups trying to make a positive impact in our community. Hotel Hope realizes the need to collaborate with other organizations and individuals aiming to address the issues facing homeless families today. We are committed to working with others to achieve common goals as well as establish a structure to share responsibility and accountability so we can best serve families in the city of New Orleans. We believe our mission is stronger when we work together to END homelessness.

Listed below are some of our collaborators who will assist us in serving homeless women and children.

Adrian Dominican Sisters; Archdiocese of New Orleans; Blessed Trinity Parish, New Orleans; Broadmoor Development Corporation, New Orleans; Congregation of the Mission; Cafe Reconcile; Covenant House; Crescent Bank and Trust; Depaul USA; First NBC Bank, New Orleans; Harmony Neighborhood Development, New Orleans; Harry Tompson Center, New Orleans; Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church, New Orleans; Lantern Light Ministries, New Orleans; Liberty’s Kitchen, New Orleans; New Orleans Women’s Shelter; Ozanam Inn, New Orleans; Pontchartrain Capital, LLC, New Orleans; Sisters of St. Joseph; Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque; St. Vincent dePaul Society, New Orleans; Wisznia Architect & Development, New Orleans and Valence, LLC, New Orleans.